The Men’s Health and Testosterone Clinic Course Is Now On Sale!

The only course designed by a nurse practitioner, FOR nurse practitioners, on how to practice and open a men’s health and testosterone replacement clinic has been released!

This course is designed for the nurse practitioner who wants to open a high revenue/low expense part time practice. This course will teach a nurse practitioner who has absolutely ZERO experience with men’s health and testosterone replacement therapy on how to practice this specific type of medicine and how to open the clinic.

Men’s health and testosterone replacement clinics are a HOT nurse practitioner side business for a reason: HIGH PROFITS DONE PART-TIME!

My men’s health clinic consistently generates over $20,000 a month! Part-time!

This course provides you everything you need to know to successfully practice men’s health medicine and how to create a profitable side practice.

You will learn:

  • Why men’s health is such an awesome niche side practice.
  • The pathophysiology of hypogonadism.
  • How to diagnose primary, secondary, and adult onset hypogonadism.
  • Signs and symptoms of hypogonadism.
  • How to interpret men’s health specific laboratory findings.
  • How to safely prescribe and manage testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).
  • The use of adjunct medications with TRT.
  • The risks and benefits of treatment.
  • How to address common adverse events.
  • Medicolegal issues with TRT.
  • How to enhance the health of aging men.
  • How to treat and diagnose erectile dysfunction.
  • How to provide growth hormone optimization.
  • How to create a low overhead CASH ONLY men’s health clinic.
  • How to market your men’s health clinic.
  • How to utilize the provided consent forms.
  • How to create bulletproof documentation to CYA!
  • How to price your services and products.
  • Where to purchase supplies and medications.
  • How to be a successful Elite Nurse Practitioner!

This course will be offered in video format. There are almost 4 hours of content where I personally go over a 99-slide PowerPoint presentation that I created. You will also receive the audio in MP3 format so you can learn on the go.

In addition, the course also provides all the supplemental documentation you need to get started:

  • Treatment consent forms.
  • Men’s health specific intake and history forms.
  • Privacy policies.
  • Clinic pricing handout.
  • Supplement instructions/recommendations.
  • Work out instructions.

You will have everything you need to start your own part time men’s health and testosterone replacement practice!

If you follow the information in this course and utilize the provided documentation, you can have a clinic up and running in just 2-3 months! All you need is to overcome your fear and get started!

I guarantee this course will benefit the aspiring nurse practitioner entrepreneur who wants to finally earn what they are worth. If you do not want to start your own business, but want to integrate men’s health services into your current practice, then this course will benefit you as well!

I will be offering this course for just $399 until 11:59pm EST on March 13th. After that the price will go up to $499 indefinitely. This is a steal for what I am providing you. I want to see you succeed, which is why I am offering this at a discount price.

Most hormone replacement courses cost $1000+ and just go over the basic clinical aspects of treatment. I provide you more than basic clinical aspects… I also teach you HOW to start the practice from scratch.

If you want to start a profitable side practice, seriously consider a men’s health and testosterone replacement clinic! It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my career. It will be yours too if you act now!

The Men’s Health and Testosterone Clinic Course Purchase Link!

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  1. Hi Justin
    I am very excited about your course. My only concern is there are a lot of providers in my area including myself in my current practice as an employee that prescribe testosterone and the patients inject themselves at home. My question is why would a patient be willing to pay cash and come to my office every week to get the injection instead of using their insurance and doing it at home if I start my own side practice.

    1. Because you can be a little more liberal in your prescribing practices when you do not accept insurance. Insurance will not pay for it if the total testosterone level is greater than 300. Men can still have symptoms at a level of 400-500. It is the free testosterone that matters, not the total. I talk about this thoroughly in the course actually. Plus you are dealing with wealthier men, they want the convenience offered by a men’s health clinic vs a standard insurance practice.

      1. There are also other therapies (as you note in the course) that most typical providers in family practice won’t or don’t use for men’s health. The differentiation is an area to capitalize on in marketing the practice/clinic.

        1. GOOD POINT! And that is exactly what I do on my clinics website. I talk about HCG and anastrozole. Informed men know about how true men’s health and TRT should be administered, therefore you will automatically tap into that market by making sure you mention these things in your marketing. Thanks for bringing this up Paul.

  2. Hello Justin
    So I live and practice in Houston Texas, which is not a full practice state. There are lots of Mens health clinic in the area when I searched on google. Will the course help me find areas with less clinics and with a high need for mens health? Or is that a service you provide with consultation? In terms of Telemedicine, can one practice mens health as well or you have to have a clinic?

    1. The course does not cover where to actually open the practice, but I can assist you with a consultation if you need more detailed advice on where to open one. Here is a piece of advice though. Look for somewhere within 1-2 hours driving distance to where you live with a population around 100,000 people. You will make money if there is not another clinic in the area. Now, you could always open one up in Houston and undercut everyone, that is another strategy you could implement. In terms of telemedicine, you cannot rx testosterone via telemedicine without 1 in person encounter first. So as long as the men are willing to see you ONCE, you can prescribe them testosterone from anywhere in the state.

      1. “In terms of telemedicine, you cannot rx testosterone via telemedicine without 1 in person encounter first. So as long as the men are willing to see you ONCE, you can prescribe them testosterone from anywhere in the state.” Does that include a virtual visit? In this current climate, virtual visits seem to be what most practitioners are doing, so would that work for a testosterone clinic via telemedicine if it incorporated virtual visits?

        1. That statement is old. You can prescribe testosterone via telemed without 1 in person encounter secondary to the restrictions being lifted from COVID.

          1. Justin

            Thinking of starting a clinic in Denver. Wife and I have been using a clinic for years. She is an RN and I a business guy. How do we go about opening and registering with the proper people? I have a doctor who is open to the idea of the oversight. What is needed to open a clinic in Colorado and possibly Florida?

          2. It is the same process as presented in the course. You would just need a medical provider on board to see the patients and issue the prescriptions. Your wife could do very basic coaching/follow up, but the provider ultimately would have the responsibility of seeing the patients and issuing prescriptions. You both could run the business otherwise. The provider would only see patients 1-2 days a week in most instances. Men’s health is a great partially passive type of business.

  3. Have you ever seen a solo female NP open a TRT clinic for men? Wonder how that would go over? lol

    1. I have and I know a couple who work in a Men’s Health practice. Men don’t care, they care about treatment from a caring and thorough provider. If this is something you want to pursue, then do not let the fear of being a women owning/operating a men’s health clinic detour you. It will not make a difference.

  4. I am starting IV infusion clinic, along with diet/weight loss management. Looking at adding Peptides as well. I am wondering if adding Men’s health and hormone therapy options for men and women would work. I have already invested in the initial opening costs, so looking for ways to get the best revenue with cash pay services. I am also providing DOT physicals.
    Kimberly Long

    1. I think if you are offering IV infusion, weight loss services, and peptide therapies, then adding HRT on top of it would make it a “wellness” clinic. I think its a great combination if that is what you are shooting for. Some people like to “one stop shops” while others do not. So I think if this what you desire, go for it!

      P.s. not sure if DOT physicals really mix well into those services, so you might want to ditch that UNLESS it happens to be profitable for you.

  5. Hello Justin. I’m interested in opening up a Men’s Health clinic, but I am not a NP nor do I have any nursing experience. I intend to hire an NP to run the clinic. If this is possible, is there any way I can contact you to further discuss this? Thank you

  6. Hello Justin,
    Does your course offer any guidance for PA-C’s looking to establish a clinic in a state that allows for PA owned practices? Thanks!

    1. Luke,

      It is all the same principles as an NP ran practice, the only difference is the requirements in your state for PAs, which I assume are just having a collaborator.

  7. Hi Justin,

    How many hours do you spend in practice at your clinic? If you are practicing solo, what do you do when you go on vacation or are unable to be reached? Who covers you? What is the level of liability in this kind of practice?

    1. I spent 4-6 hours a week seeing patients.

      Just take a vacation and not see patients. These types of services don’t require someone to be “on call.”

      It is VERY low liability. It really is a piece of cake. A very simple, profitable, and low liability practice.

      This post is a little old, but we are generating over $80k a month now.

  8. Hello, is this course opened for a physician to take if wanting to add some of these services? Also, does the CME count do a doctor or just a mid- level? Thanks!

  9. How about in the state of Virginia? Do you have to be a Nurse Practitioner or a doctor to start your own HRT clinic? What is the process?

  10. HI justin,
    Im a RN. in georgia. i desire to start my own mens health TRT and hormone replacement clinic. I do know a doctor who is willing to help me if i can get a location and all of my business licenses in order. I have no idea how to start this practice in georgia.

    1. This course is applicable to you. The only difference in GA is that you have to have that collaborator. Otherwise the same principles apply

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