Do You Lack Time Or Energy?


One of the biggest complaints I hear from nurse practitioners who are interested in starting a business, but never actually pull the trigger, is “I don’t have time.” Fair point. If you are working full time, juggling family and friends, and generally just living life, you might be crunched for time. But is it actually a time issue? Are you going home after work and crashing on the couch because your tired? If so, that is not a time issue, that is an energy issue.

People are always complaining that they just don’t have time to get things done. I would argue otherwise. You might have time, but you just don’t have the energy to get things done. Those things can be anything from starting a business, cleaning up your yard or house, taking the kids on a hike, or whatever… It is holding you back regardless.

This is an important concept to understand because it will allow you to fix the issue: time or energy. Yes, some people truly lack the time. They might work five 12-hour shifts a week and then on weekends they must take their kids to baseball games, see family, etc. I get that. Many of us live busy lives. If you are finding yourself just wanting to lay around on the couch or lay in bed flipping through your phone, then you have an energy issue.

Lacking time and/or energy is a barrier to your success. You cannot reach your true potential if you lack one or both. You must find a way to increase your free time and your energy levels. I suspect most people reading this lack the energy necessary to start their own practice.

Let’s focus on time first. How do we increase our time?

First off, how much are you working? Are you truly working a solid 40 hours a week? By this I mean, during your work week, are you truly working the ENTIRE time you are at work? I doubt it. We all know how much time is wasted sitting at the office from 8am-5pm or hanging out in the ER for 12 hours. Sometimes, it is busy, and you do work the entire time, but other times, it might be slow, and you fiddle on your phone checking Instagram half the shift instead. Therefore, can you squeeze some time while you’re on the clock to work on your business? Absolutely, I do.

I have started every single one of my businesses while working at my part-time urgent care job. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I wrote this post while working at the urgent care. I started each one of my practices while “at work.” I created the LLC, set up the accounting software, worked on my consent and exam forms, etc. Hell, I do telemedicine visits over the phone for my men’s health patients all the time when I am at my “job.” I truly utilize every minute I can while I am stuck there for 12 hours. I do not sacrifice time with patients at the urgent care, this is done during down time. You can as well.

You need to identify what you are doing with your time when you are stuck at your W2 position. I guarantee each one of you could squeeze in 2-4 hours a week to work on your side business while you are being paid at your job. You can have a business up and running in 3-4 weeks if you spent 4 hours a week of dedicated time focused on it, especially a simple telemedicine practice.

You need to sit down and look at your week. Where are you losing time? Everyone can find a couple hours to work on a side business if you stand back and look at your schedule objectively. We all waste time that could be used more productively.

What about energy? Do you feel drained after work? If so, this is holding you back.

First off, ensure you have no underlying health issues. If you are anemic, have a nutritional/vitamin deficiency, a hormone deficiency, etc. you will lack energy regardless of what you do. So, make sure you have a thorough work up done first.

Most people reading this are probably healthy. Therefore, how do you increase your energy so you can focus on bettering your professional and financial life? You first need to identify what is sucking up your energy. I suspect for many of us, it is our jobs.

When I first started my side practices, I was still working full-time at the urgent care. I was reaching a ceiling with my side practices because I simply lacked the energy to invest more into them. My revenue and volume flat lined. I knew that if I wanted to grow my own business and not some corporate entities urgent care, I had to transfer the energy away from that and into my own business. That is when I went part-time at work. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. This allowed me to focus a tremendous amount of energy on my businesses. Do you know what happened? I increased the businesses revenue significantly. I was also able to start The Elite Nurse Practitioner. I had the energy and the time to pursue what I was passionate about: helping nurse practitioners build a successful and independent life.

I have always LOVED helping people find their career and increasing their freedom, ever since I was in high school! I took the energy drain (my full-time job) and transferred that energy to my passions (The Elite NP and my men’s health practice mostly.) This increased my energy even further because I was doing something that I wanted to do, not some corporate pencil pushers agenda.

We all have energy drains in our life. Maybe its your job, maybe its toxic family/friends, or maybe you live an unhealthy lifestyle and need to exercise more. I suspect you have an idea of what that energy drain is. If you want to succeed in life, you must get rid of that energy drain. Do you know what happens when you do that? You end up having more time as well.

It is critical that each one of you find out if you are lacking energy and/or time. When you can identify the underlying issue of what is stalling your progress, you can fix it. You must increase either your time or energy if you want to succeed. That is one of the reasons why I created The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. By working part-time, living more frugally, getting out of debt, you will increase your energy and time which will ultimately lead to your success. I guarantee it!

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  1. This is an excellent article with a perspective based in fundamental truth. Ironically, time versus energy is EXACTLY the monster under my bed that I’ve been starting to unravel over the last year. Identifying the areas of my life that are sucking my life force has come to a head during this global “time-out” we’re currently muddling through in the US. I figured it out on my multiple treks between the kitchen-family room-patio ..repeat. After I started wondering what was wrong with me, I realized my time management issue(s) is/are actually rooted in energy management issues. I innately understand that there is no such animal as a “good job”, ironically I have one of those alleged “good jobs”. The thought process of no job is actually a “good” job goes against everything I’ve been taught. The simple reason for this oxymoron is that a job builds someone else’s security, typically at the expense of job holder . I had to ask myself: Why would any intelligent person consciously build someone else’s future at the expense of their own? The natural follow-up question then became what’s holding me back? Thanks for shining a light on this issue.

    Felicia DePina, MSN, FNP-C, CRNP

    1. Brilliant conclusion Felicia! You are exactly right, why build someone else’s financial freedom at the expensive of your health, freedom, financial security, and happiness? This is one of the false societal programmings that has been ingrained into nursing: Work hard! Be a good worker! Be subordinate to your employer! Waste money on unnecessary certifications/school! etc etc etc…. What does this do in reality? It enriches the people spewing this BS at us. So, what is holding you back? It sounds like a combination of fear, time and energy. The solution? Build a nest egg, start a side practice, and then another one while working part-time until your 2-3 side businesses begin generating enough wealth for you to quit enriching others. This is the Elite NP Model.

  2. Loved this! What I really appreciate about ELITE NP is that he seems to embrace an underlying philosophy that if we really want to succeed we need to relinquish our excuses, troubleshoot and find a way around them or through them. Thats not to say that challenges are not REAL-they are…like carving out the time and/or energy to manifest a side business. And, we need to focus on the dream and the prize rather than the stuff seemingly holding us back. The more we can realize a positive attitude and belief in ourselves the better. I am so glad for the ELITE NP!!! Thank you for this!!! Yay!!!

    1. Thank you for the very positive comment. Its comments like these that help me strive to produce material to help NPs out there succeed. With that being said, you are correct. Sometimes people get stuck on busy menial tasks that don’t result in success. What truly results in success, especially when it comes to business, is changing your mindset and identifying what is holing you back and fixing that. What EMR you are going to use does not do that…

  3. Energy… It is energy that I lack. I am so sick of giving all my energy to my f*cking job that sees me as a replaceable number. I am sick of seeing 30-40 patients a day crammed into 8-10 hours. It is slowly killing me… and for what? $90k a year that is nickel and dimed after taxes, benefits and all the other crap that is associated with a job. I have to find a way out of this rat race. Thanks for the post brother.

    1. I have been there. It is not a fun place to be. Once you cut out that energy drain, something magical happens: you have the energy AND the time to work on that side business. My suggestion is to start brainstorming and get the side business idea going, then once you feel confident it will succeed, start reducing hours at the job to focus on what will build YOUR wealth, which is YOUR business. NPs all over the country are enriching other people, not themselves.

  4. How will starting a side business alike telemedicine or cannabis clinic work in a state like NJ that you need to have a collaborated physician

    1. If you are practicing in NJ, then you simply just need to find a collaborator to partner with. There is no way around it. BUT, if you practice telemedicine in other full practice authority states, you do not need a collaborator! Discussed thoroughly in the telemedicine course by the way.

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