Happy New Year! Goal Time!

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Happy New Year to all the Elite NP Readership!

I know many of you want to put 2020 behind you because it was such a bad year. For others though, 2020 was the best year they ever had. Regardless of how your year went, a new year brings with it a clean slate for many who like to use the New Year as a “reset” to accomplish various resolutions/goals.

Personally, I think the idea of New Year’s resolutions to be sort of dumb. Why? Because you should be working to better yourself at all times, not just when the New Year happens. But for many, they like to use it as a date to make a change in their life, and that is fine as long as you stick with the resolution.

Do not be like the average American who has a New Year’s resolution that they abandon after 2 months. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON. If success was easy, then everyone would be successful. The real key to success is consistency. You must remain consistent if you want to build a fruitful and successful life. If you create a goal for yourself, then you MUST stick to the plan to achieve it.

Working out and exercise does not produce results unless you are CONISTENT with it over time.

Investing your money to become financially independent takes time and CONSISTENCY to achieve.

Starting your own medical practice and/or business takes courage, time, and CONSISTENCY.

If you have given yourself a New Years resolution, then the key to your success is to stay consistent with that goal. Consistency = Success. THAT IS THE SECRET TO SUCCESS!

Do you think I enjoy sitting at my medical cannabis clinic for hours when I have a wave of no shows? Absolutely not, but I remain consistent with my hours and close the specified time that is posted.

Do you think I enjoy spending thousands of dollars marketing my men’s health practice to have it only result in a few new patients some months? No, it drives me crazy… but guess what? My marketing campaign and budget stays CONSISTENT. Sometimes a potential patient has to see or hear your ad 8 times before they pull the trigger.

Do you think I always have the willpower and motivation to write 2 articles every single week for The Elite Nurse Practitioner? No… some weeks, I am just flat out exhausted. But guess what? I do it anyways. I remain consistent because I believe in my mission.

So, with whatever New Year’s resolution you choose, you need to accept the reality that it will take time and consistency to meet your goals and to become successful.

If you want to lose 30lbs, then you better stick with the diet and exercise program. Sustainable weight loss doesn’t happen in 4 weeks. It happens over many many months.

If you want to begin your journey to financial independence, then you better be consistent with your investments and stick with your plan.

If you want to open that business or grow and scale your current one, then you better FOCUS and be consistent with the work it requires to do so. Do not fall prey to limiting beliefs and analysis paralysis. You must fight past that and remain consistent.

I do not have a specific New Year’s resolution, instead I have multiple goals for 2021 that I started even before 2021:

I want to grow both of my men’s health clinic locations.

I want to get a general wellness practice open where we offer weight loss, female HRT, IV infusion, and skin care.

I want to release 12 courses this year for The Elite Nurse Practitioner.

I want to get The Elite Nurse Practitioner membership program up and running as soon as possible.

I want to continue paying off my home mortgage.

I want to continue building my investment portfolio.

I have already started taking ACTION towards achieving these goals. I put the wheels into motion months ago.

I need you to do the same!

I want to see 100 nurse practitioners open their own successful practices in 2021!

I want to see our profession grow!

I want every nurse practitioner out there to harness their true power.

I want the underpaid nurse practitioners to make what they are truly worth.

I want to see the unemployed nurse practitioners secure employment or start their own business.

I will be with you every step of the way in 2021. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your journey. There are hundreds of us out there hustling right alongside with you. We will all be right there with you during the ups and downs.

Remember, YOU MUST SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF! Successful people set goals for themselves, and the New Year provides for you a great time to set those goals.

So, cheers to 2021! Let us put behind 2020 and all the negativity that was associated with it. Let us make 2021 the best damn year ever!

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  1. You are so correct regarding consistency. Years ago, I had slowly gained weight because I had become inconsistent with diet n exercise, winding down the days with glass or two of wine, quick unhealthy meals. I decided to dedicate 12 weeks to am fasted cardio, eating healthy but strict diet, and weight lift sessions. Many days it was sheer power of mind and will to get up at 4a and get on treadmill for an hour, resist breakroom goodies, meal prep and end days with gym sessions (worked FT in ICU, +grad school). 12 weeks resulted in lifestyle for 8 years , in addition to reaching initial goal, got to compete, be showcased as 46 yo in fitness mag, even hired as ringgirl beside 20 yo olds (silly, but fun for this ole gal). Ive also witnessed what happens when inconsistent as I have been last two years – I let lifes hardships give me an excuse – so 5 weeks ago started back at zero. You simply cant let off the gas just because you achieve a goal. If you want to keep that success, you have to consistently work at – esp when you least feel like it.
    Thank you Justin for yet another inspiring message and for working so hard to help the NP community!

    1. Wow Chantal, great message there. You are totally correct and this is a prime example of how important it is to stay consistent. Congrats on competing! That is awesome 😉

      Yes, never step off the gas. People who are slowly dying let off the gas, the ones who continue to prosper and life a full life NEVER step off the gas. You must continue to hustle and push past the norm.

      You are welcome, it is my pleasure to help my fellow NP. That is my mission 🙂

  2. My soul needed this today. Just finished the Elite NP telehealth course and the weight loss course this past week. So so so excited to start this journey to independent practice. Currently, I am working a Covid crisis position while starting my IV Hydration (injections too: B12, Tri-immune, & Glutathione) business—definitely the route for starting a business. My goal for this year is to keep moving forward and to, “show up” every day. Whether the showing up is for my family, my health, or my business. The ultimate goal is to financial freedom.
    Thank you Justin Allan.

    1. Good for you Robyn!!!! We both will be starting a wellness practice where we do IV and weight loss services, so I will be right there with you for this journey! Keep moving forward, never stop!

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